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Suikoden 4 Review PS2/NTSC

Suikoden 4 is the second installement of the Suikoden series on Playstation2. I´m a huge fan of the series, to tell the truth, the Suikoden series is my favorite RPG series ever. I like
The epic storys, the whole bunch of characters and the unique battle system. The first thing I liked about the game is that it is the first Suikoden game which features voice acting. It also has decent graphics and the music is very nice.
The fourth part of the series typically comes up with an
Epic story, 108 characters to recruit and a headquarter which can be expanded from time to time. Suikoden fans have to
get this game. The only thing I didn’t like about the game is that the story and the characters weren’t as charming as in the first two parts of the series. What is bad, is that the long ship journeys are quite boring due to the slowly moving ship and that there are by far too many random encounters.
Suikoden 4 is a solid game, not bad but not very good either.

2.10.06 21:16

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