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Radiata Stories Mini Review PS2/NTSC

Radiata Stories is the funniest RPG I ever played. The whole game is filled with funny segments and conversations. The Battle system is pretty much like the one in Star Ocean 3: there is real time combat, a variety of weapons and skills and the chance to join up with other characters to create so called links which can be pretty damaging to your enemies. Although you can take up to three characters into battle, you can only control main character Jack. While getting through the game you can recruit up to 175 characters, what gives you a big variety of choosing your party members. I really didn’t like the main plot because it is not very exciting. Your hero Jack wants to become a famous knight and to do that you have to accomplish many side quests. Only after completing enough jobs the main story progresses and you have to do more side quests again. I rather like when you have the chance to do side quests whenever you want to and not if you are forced to do them. In spite of that Radiata Stories is a beautiful game with nice graphics and sweet sound. The game has some weak spots but is not a bad game.

2.10.06 21:14

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